Chuvash State Medical University, Russia: A Detailed Review

Chuvash State Medical University, Russia: A Detailed Review




Chuvash State Medical University, founded in 1967, is establishing itself as a center of medical innovation in Russia. This popular medical university is located in the city of Cheboksary, just a few hours from the capital Moscow.

According to 4ICU, CSMU occupies the highest position in MBBS research ranking in Russia. Offering 6 year best medical program recognized by NMC. Chuvash Medical University is the best option to study MBBS in Russia on an affordable budget.

Medical students from over 32 countries study at Chuvash State Medical University. It has students from India, Egypt, Nepal, Pakistan, the Middle East, and more. The university has excellent infrastructure including well-maintained school buildings, a library that is available throughout the duration of the course, laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and hostels.

Among the top medical universities in Russia, CSMU is the most popular university to study MBBS program.


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Major Key Highlights Of Chuvash State Medical University:

  1. Founded Year: 1967
  2. Medium Of Instruction: English
  3. Recognition: WHO, NMC, WDOMS, ECFMG, FAIMER and many more
  4. No. Of Indians Currently Studying: 700+ 


Why You Should Choose CHuvash State Medical University?


Chuvash State Medical University is one of the oldest state medical universities in Russia, founded in 1967. As there are many accredited medical schools that provide quality medical education to healthcare professionals,CSMU is simply the best among them.

CSMU MBBS program is approved by NMC/MCI along with WHO and also it has the largest anatomy museum with a collection of 700 original organs and human bodies for hands-on study. One of the best features of studying MBBS at Chuvash State Medical University is that a cadaver is provided in the first year of anatomy class to the students and students take this cadaver home with them for over a week to continue learning on their own.

Here, students receive free study books from the university library for the duration of their course and the university also has a large presence of Indian students from the diaspora, which helps new Indian students to settle in the university and Russia, which is a great help in studying medicine.




At Chuvash State Medical University, there are dedicated hospitals, ensuring a regular flow of patients. This helps students gain clinical experience during their internship. Additionally, CSMU maintains collaborations with other hospitals in the region to provide students with excellent hands-on experience.




CSMU has its own hostel offering double, triple and quadruple rooms for girls and boys. Both dorms are independent and very safe for students. The hostel serves Indian cuisine and has a shared kitchen for self-catering. These kitchens are equipped with amenities such as microwaves, gas, cookware, and heaters. Chuvash State Medical University’s hostels start from 70,000 rubles per year, which is very reasonable.


Tuition Fees:


Tuition fees to study MBBS in Russia at CSMU are relatively cheap compared to other Russian medical universities. The tuition fees of one year costs approxemately 2,00,000 rubles, And with such affordable fees, Chuvash State Medical University offers an excellent opportunity to Indian and international students who want to become a doctor but are hesitant to pursue that dream due to the high tuition fees at private medical institutions in India.


Students From Different Cultures:


CSMU has a large number of Indian medical students. Such a favorable environment makes it easy for new students from India to settle in and it also helps them during their studies. There are students from 32 different countries creating a good cultural environment on the university campus which leads students to develop the multifaceted personalities.


Ranking Of Chuvash State Medical University:


There are many top medical universities in Russia, and CSMU is one of them. The ranking of Chuvash State Medical University is excellent both in the country and in the world. Currently, the university have received high praise since it’s establishment, and it is improving every year.


In Russia: 139  In World: 3977


Student Life At Chuvash State Medical University:


  • CSMU offers affordable hostels/accommodations near the university campus and these hostel have good public transport links and are also easy to access to the university campus.


  • Dining halls and other catering options are available on campus for medical students and the dormitory for medical students has a dining room with a buffet of hot food.


  • CSMU regularly helds famous Indian festivasls like Diwali, Holi, Eid, Independence Day etc, and it also hosts music, dance, and other cultural programs for students each year.


  • Chuvash State Medical University values ​​healthy lifestyles for its students and offers free sports facilities and equipment on and around campus. This university also hosts cricket tournaments.


  • Chuvash State Medical University has a large and vibrant campus that provides international standard infrastructure and facilities to faculty and students. Also, the campus is safe for both girls and boys, as vandalism is strictly prohibited.


  • Students also get modern classrooms with lots of facilities for better teaching and the classroom has inbuilt projectors for live lectures.


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