Ingush State Medical University, Russia: A Detailed Review

Ingush State Medical University, Russia: A Detailed Review




Ingush State Medical University is a non-profit public higher education institution based in Magas, Russia. Founded in 1994, it is Russia’s smallest state and is home to the Ingush State Medical University, which strengthens its higher education system and good working environment.

ISMU’s purpose is to develop leadership skills in students around the world. The university expanded significantly to other major cities in Russia. The university offers his 12 graduate programs, 19 internship programs, and various residency programs.

The university’s faculty are highly qualified and trained, providing students with highly qualified and competent learning. Students from all over the world excel in all areas of medicine. This university not only has academic aptitude, but also has a foothold in social work, is rich in knowledge and actively participates in charity events.

Teachers create the latest learning resources and provide professional guidance to students by focusing on the core of knowledge.


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Major Highlighted Features Of Ingush State Medical University:


  1. Founded Year: 1994
  2. Medium Of Instruction: English
  3. Recognition: WHO, NMC, MCI, FAIMER, ECFMG, WFME, WDOMS and many more
  4. Indian Students At Present: 800+


Why You Should Study At Ingush State Medical University?:


Ingush State Medical University is the first choice for many medical applicants as it fosters the overall development of students and provides hands-on learning to students at an affordable rate. The students are provided with an environment where they can interact in multiple languages and resource-based education leads to the achievement of quality learning outcomes. The students also have access to fully equipped and modern technology.




Faculty are well-versed in teaching their specialized knowledge to students and qualified technology with practical training facilities and learning is a prerequisite.


Budget Friendly:


MBBS fees of Ingush State Medical University is quite reasonable compared to many private institutions in India. Therefore, students who want to pursue a career in the medical field do not need to pay a high budget for their education.


Multicultural Environment:


Ingush State Medical University provides renowned medical education to domestic and international students. Students from different cultures gather in one place. The university values interaction between students.

Inclusive Educational Institution:


Learning in the classroom which is non-biased takes great care of different ethnic backgrounds and even special learners receive direct attention.




Ingush State Medical University has excellent hostel facilities for international students and the cost of living is affordable for students who are planning to pursue their MBBS degree from abroad.


Ingush State Medical University Ranking:


According to the international higher education organization, Ingush State Medical University ranks in:


Russia: 363th

World: 10069th


Student Life At Ingush State Medical University:


  • Life on the campus of Ingush State Medical University is exciting, and students are guaranteed world-class educational facilities.


  • Students are provided with a variety of facilities under one roof. In addition to academic training, you can also acquire other knowledge while studying.


  • Students are surrounded by modernized facilities and highly qualified faculty.


  • Foreign and Indian students can get hassle-free education in English.


  • They are firmly rooted in medical teachings and will become the profound face of medicine in the near future.


  • Students are provided with hostel accommodation, a renovated cafeteria, a well-functioning library, a large auditorium, and a well-equipped computer lab along with other curricular activities. Students have access to laboratories for hands-on learning.


  • Students develop leadership skills through a competent curriculum.


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