University Transfer From Ukraine To Russian Medical Universities

Ukraine To Russian Medical Universities. In any war, children are the most vulnerable souls whose lives are compromised in many ways. Education is one of the major things that face the brunt of the traumatic war with schools and educational institutions getting shut down with an immediate effect.


Likewise, the repercussions of the Ukraine-Russia war are multifaceted. As a harsh reality of the war, 20,000 Indian students studying medicine in Ukraine were returned to India after the situation got out of control in Ukraine. The long-awaited dream of becoming successful doctors for which they left their country and moved to Ukraine shattered in a moment. Although this was a safety measure on the part of the Ukrainian government, in the end, it disrupted the studies of the medical students who ultimately had to go back to their home country gravely mulling over their future.


They were still in a state of shock when the National Medical Commission (erstwhile MCI) issued guidelines on university transfer of foreign students and announced that no Indian medical college will accept Ukraine-returned medical students to resume their medical education but they can complete their remaining medical studies at foreign medical universities abroad. The news was a bolt from the blue for them as their home country abandoned them and did not come to their rescue. Consequently, Indian medical students from Ukraine began seeking university transfer from Ukraine to continue their MBBS studies and become successful doctors.


What is meant by university transfer from Ukraine?


No matter whether war-torn Ukraine is getting back on its feet with schools getting reopened in September, not all Ukraine-returned Indian students are interested in returning to Ukrainian universities to resume their studies. A good majority of them are seeking university transfers from Ukrainian universities to other foreign universities after the rolling out of the NMC guidelines on the same subject. The procedure of transfer of medical students from Ukraine to other international medical universities includes the submission of soft copies and originals of documents required for MBBS admissions.


How do medical universities in Russia support Indian students from Ukraine?


As said, the bad times are not forever and the sun will eventually rise with new rays of hope. Russia is the first country that took a step forward to help Indian students from war-torn Ukraine. As a result, Russian medical universities have come in full support of Ukraine returned Indian students offering them wonderful opportunities to resume MBBS in Russia.


The Indian medical students who were in huge distress have taken a sigh of relief after the announcement was made by several top government medical universities in Russia inviting them to continue their studies at their institutional facilities. The news is a breakthrough paving the way to the long-term friendship between India and Russia making it much stronger and eternal.


Some of the ways by which medical universities of Russia will lend support to Ukraine returned Indian students in their disrupted medical education:

  • Medical students from Ukraine can resume their MBBS studies from where they left without losing out on their previous academic years.
  • Creating a growing, positive environment within the university and helping them adapt to it.
  • Take university transfer in Russian universities with online transcripts and submit the original ones after joining the university.
  • Medical students from all Ukrainian universities are accepted by them without any exceptions.


Why Should Medical Students From Ukraine Take University Transfer To Russia?


Apart from the fact that there are only a few countries accepting Indian students from medical universities in Ukraine, the benefits of studying MBBS in Russia are manifold. Ukraine returned medical students from India seeking university transfer to Russian universities must ensure that they have a similar educational structure to help them easily adapt to the new Russian educational system. Furthermore, top government medical universities in Russia have similar MBBS courses and duration as in Ukraine.


The primary benefits of taking a university transfer from Ukraine to Russia are:

  • Russian universities allow Ukraine returned Indian students to continue their MBBS from where they left without losing out on the previous years.
  • The accommodation of such students at universities in Russia is initiated after proper comparison and analysis of the MBBS course in Russia and Ukraine.
  • Indian students from Ukraine get to study MBBS in Russia with other students from their home countries.
  • The staff members of the universities will help distressed Indian students from Ukraine to adapt to the new environment easily.
  • Special prices have been announced for medical studies for such students like discounts on their tuition fees, hostel fees, mess fees, etc.
  • As the MBBS curriculum in Russia is similar to the Ukrainian universities, medical students from Ukraine will not face any difficulty.
  • Admission to Russian universities will be initiated based on the online transcripts or electronic journals of the Ukrainian universities.
  • Students from all Ukrainian universities are accepted at Russian universities.

There are many other advantages for Indian medical students from Ukraine to study MBBS in Russia including:


  1. The medium of instruction in Russian universities is English.
  2. The medical universities of Russia are empaneled by National Medical Commission, listed under WDOMS, certified by ECFMG and FAIMER, and medical councils of different countries.
  3. Subsidized MBBS fee structure making medical education affordable for Indian students.
  4. World-class medical education with a perfect mix of theoretical and practical learning sessions.
  5. Hassle-free and easy admission procedure of the best medical universities in Russia.
  6. Apart from academic learning, Russian universities also promote extracurricular activities for the holistic development of students.
  7. The faculty and teaching staff of Russian universities are highly qualified to provide the best quality medical education to the students.
  8. Russia is home to 25+ renowned and top medical universities providing good options for students to choose from.
  9. State-of-the-infrastructure with cutting-edge technology to impart advanced medical education to the students.
  10. Comfortable hostels and Indian mess facilities ensure good living conditions for Indian students.
  11. The medical graduates can return to India and practice medicine in their home country.
  12. Clinical rotations of medical graduates from Russian universities will be carried out in reputed medical institutions worldwide.
  13. MBBS in Russia is of 5 years.

(MBBS in Russia for Indian Students:

Top Russian Medical Universities Accepting Transfer Students from Ukraine


Three of the top medical universities in Russia that are ready to accommodate transfer students from Ukraine are:


1. Orenburg State Medical University


With more than 75 years of medical excellence, Orenburg State Medical University is one of the top Russian universities with more than 1200 Indian students studying MBBS in Russia. Recently, the Dean of the university announced to accept medical students from Ukraine to resume their disrupted medical studies at his university. Students from the second to the fifth year can take admission to this Russian university with their online transcripts and later submit the original documents.


2. Mari State University


One of the most renowned and top medical universities in Russia, Mari State University has been a top destination for MBBS in Russia for Indian students for more than a decade. Currently, over 1100 Indian students are pursuing MBBS in Russia. The Rector of the university announced plans to accommodate 3,000 university transfer students from Ukraine to continue their MBBS studies. The university will offer all the facilities to help these students complete their disrupted medical education and help them adapt to the new environment seamlessly. The admissions will be granted to the students after the submission of their online transcripts.


3. Perm State Medical University


Perm State Medical University is a top Russian university with a legacy of 105 years old medical excellence. Having an exceptionally innovative infrastructure and a highly-developed simulation center, the medical university is a high-standard medical and research center for Indian students for MBBS abroad. The Rector of the Perm State Medical University has opened the gates of the university to welcome Ukraine returned medical students to enable them to resume their MBBS studies. Now, transfer students from Ukraine can take admissions for MBBS in Russia at this university with their online transcripts.


NMC Guidelines for Ukraine Returned Indian Students


As per the latest guidelines of the National Medical Commission dated 18 November 2022, the criteria for admission for medical students from Ukraine to foreign medical universities, including Russian universities include:

  • Students who have taken admission to Ukraine universities before 18th November 2022, can apply for university transfer to foreign medical institutions and take admission in any year.
  • Students with admissions after 18th November 2022, are not eligible for university transfer but can apply for fresh admissions at Russian universities.

Procedure for Medical Student Transfer From Ukraine 2022


Indian medical students planning to transfer from the universities in Ukraine have to transfer their credits from their current medical institution to the selected Russian universities.

The documents and eligiblity of MBBS for Indian students  required for academic transfer from Ukraine to Russia are:

  • Passport
  • Transcript (online/offline)
  • Student ID card of the Ukrainian university

(MBBS in Russia Fees: )

The Closing Note


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