Disadvantages Of Studying MBBS In Abroad

Disadvantages Of Studying MBBS In Abroad


Choosing the right college to pursue an MBBS degree is an important decision for medical aspirants. Due to increased competition and limited places in India, many students choose to study abroad for their MBBS. However, studying MBBS abroad comes with its own set of challenges and drawbacks. In this blogpost we will discuss some of the biggest drawbacks of studying MBBS abroad.


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High Cost:


Studying MBBS from abroad can be very expensive. Tuition, living expenses, and other costs can add up to a significant amount. Some universities offer scholarships, but these are limited and highly competitive. Students may be dependent on loans or family financial support, which can be a heavy burden.


Language barrier:


Studying MBBS in a foreign country means studying in a different language. Many universities offer MBBS courses in English, but some may require students to study the local language. Language barriers make it difficult for students to understand course content and interact with teachers and peers.


Quality of Education:


The quality of education varies greatly between universities in the country. Some universities may not have the necessary infrastructure, equipment, and faculty to provide quality education. Additionally, the curriculum may not be updated with the latest medical advances and may not meet the standards set by the Indian Medical Association.


Cultural Differences:


Studying an MBBS abroad can be a culturally different experience for students. Students may face difficulties adjusting to new cultures, lifestyles and environments. Cultural differences can also affect a student’s mental health and academic performance.


Recognition Of The Degree:


The Medical Council of India (MCI) has a list of recognized medical colleges for pursuing MBBS abroad. Studying at a university that is not recognized by MCI can cause problems with your license to practice medicine in India. To avoid such problems, it is important to research and select an MCI accredited university.


Different healthcare systems:


Healthcare systems can vary greatly from country to country. Students may not get the insight they need into the Indian healthcare system and may find it difficult to practice medicine in India. Additionally, medical practices and procedures may vary from country to country, which can lead to confusion and misunderstanding.




Studying MBBS abroad means being away from family and friends for long periods of time. Homesickness can affect a student’s mental health, academic performance, and overall well-being. Students may miss home culture, food, and festivals, which can affect their overall experience.


Limited Employment Opportunities:


MBBS study abroad programs can provide students with global experience and experience, but they do not guarantee employment opportunities in India. Students may struggle to find employment opportunities in India due to lack of degree recognition and differences in the healthcare system.


Higher Admission Requirements:


Many universities abroad have higher admission requirements than India. Students may be required to pass language tests, entrance exams, and other eligibility criteria to secure admission. Admission is also highly competitive, making it more difficult for students.


Lack of support system:


Studying in a foreign country can be a difficult experience for students. They may not have access to the support systems they are accustomed to in India. They may not have access to Indian cuisine, cultural activities, and other resources that make them feel at home. This can affect a student’s mental health, motivation and academic performance.


Summing Up:


In conclusion, while studying MBBS in abroad can be an exciting and rewarding experience, it comes with its own set of challenges and disadvantages. Students must research and carefully consider the financial burden, language barrier, cultural differences, recognition of their degree, job opportunities, entrance requirements, and lack of support system before making the decision to study MBBS in abroad. Students must also ensure that they are mentally prepared and have a strong support system to help them navigate the challenges that come with studying abroad.


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