Study MBBS In Armenia In 2023: Here’s Why

Study MBBS In Armenia In 2023: Here’s Why


It is the dream of all medical aspirants for becoming a successful doctor from the top-notch medical university. Due to the lack of knowledge and guidance, the candidates are not able to choose their dream destination to study MBBS.

If you want to study MBBS in a foreign university, then studying MBBS in Armenia in 2023 will be the best option for you! In this blogpost, we will discuss some of the absolute reasons on why you should pursue your MBBS in Armenia in 2023. So without further a wait let’s jump right on the topic!!


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MBBS in Armenia? OR MBBS in India?


As you all are aware of how difficult it is becoming to get seats in affordable goverment colleges for MBBS in India, let alone be private colleges, and because of the growing need and passion in aspirants towards the most prestigious degree in the world, students are significantly considering the option of MBBS Abroad. Here are various differences between MBBS in Armenia and MBBS in India. We have compiled some of these differences below:


MBBS in Armenia MBBS in India
The cost of studying MBBS in Armenia is relatively low. The cost of studying medicine in India is quite high.
MBBS in Armenia course duration is 6 years. The duration of the MBBS course in India is 6 years.
An entrance test is not mandatory in almost every medical university in Armenia. Entrance test is required in most of the Indian Medical Universities
No donation is required at the time of MBBS admission in Armenia Various colleges in India take donations for admission to medical courses.
The degree awarded is MD by medical universities in Armenia. Degree awarded as MBBS in Medicine in India.


The Benefits of Choosing MBBS In Armenia In 2023:


Armenia is gradually becoming a booming hub for the medical aspirants as this country is mainly popular for its core educational pedagogy. The candidates who will study MBBS in Armenia here will get high-quality medical training along with the facilities for the medical practice. The Armenian medical universities feature world-class medical infrastructure along with the facility of all basic amenities. So, it will be beneficial for you to have MBBS admission in Armenia as you will be offered many facilities for shaping your medical career.


Global Recognition of Armenian Medical Degree

It is the most important factor for all the students who are going to pursue MBBS education in foreign universities. So, it will be better for you to take MBBS admission in Armenian medical universities for having a globally recognized degree. All the medical universities in Armenia are accredited by the prestigious medical body like MCI. So, the degree provided by this country has global acceptance.


Studying MBBS In Armenia in 2023 Gets You High-quality MBBS Education

The quality of MBBS education in Armenia is far beyond the level of excellence as the MBBS universities in Armenia are well equipped with all the modern medical facilities. Armenian medical universities have well-equipped libraries, laboratories for enhancing both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the MBBS aspirants. The renowned faculties in Armenian medical universities provide proper guidance to the candidates for shaping their medical careers.


Studying MBBS In Armenia Has Low-cost Fees Factor

This is one of the reasons that attract both the Indian, international students to Study MBBS in Armenia. The Armenian Ministry of Health and Education has subsidized medical education to a large extent, so the students get high-quality medical education at an affordable cost. If the students want to have MBBS admission in Armenia, it’s easily possible.


Reasons To Study MBBS In Armenia In 2023

Now that we have covered certain important points, we still have some queries to solve like: why choose Armenia for MBBS? Why is it good to study MBBS in Armenia? Well, we will tell you the reason why.


Reason 1:

Armenian medical universities’ infrastructure is a thing of beauty and mix of cutting edge technology. Therefore, if you want to acquire practical knowledge with all the latest advanced technologies, Armenia is the place for you for your medical study abroad.


Reason 2:

Armenia’s environment is great for everyone, regardless of their location, religion or country.


Reason 3:

Studying MBBS in Armenia is very low if we compare it to the cost of studying MBBS in India.


Reason 4:

The language of education is obviously English, so there is no need to worry about clearing IELTS and TOEFL.


Reason 5:

Along with the low cost of studying MBBS in Armenia also offers various International scholarships. A bonus point for a student who needs help managing the tuition fees.


In Conclusion:


So, as we covered so many quaries and reasons along with the benifits of studying MBBS In Armenia In 2023, we hope you will be satisfied and somewhat determined enough to choose to start your MBBS career by studying MBBS in Armenia 2023. Now what are you waiting for?? Contact MedAb Overseas and book your seats in top medical universities in Armenia!!


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