Study MBBS Russia VS MBBS India: A Detailed Comparison

Study MBBS Russia VS MBBS India: A Detailed Comparison


Most students want to study MBBS course and become a successful doctor in the field. Both MBBS in Russia and MBBS in India are splendid choices to study MBBS course. But because of high competition of MBBS Admission in India and skyrocketing MBBS tuition fees in India, a large number of Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad especially MBBS in Russia.

Many foreign countries such as Russia offer the best options for Indian students to study MBBS abroad. The students that wish to study MBBS in Russia or MBBS in India can take a look at the detailed analysis we have covered below on MBBS in Russia VS MBBS in India and choose for themselves the most suitable option.


Difference In Universities

Medical Universities In Russia:


Most medical aspirants who wants to pursue MBBS abroad and become doctors choose Russia as thier dream destination. Russian medical universities offer quality education at affordable prices. Russia ranks at 8th position in providing the highest quality medical education. Medical Universities of Russia are recognized by MCI, WHO, and the UNESCO.

When students graduate from MBBS in Russia, they are awarded a medical degree, or M.D. (Physician) Equivalent to MBBS in India and there are about 57 medical universities in Russia and MBBS is taught in both English and Russian. The total duration of MBBS in Russia is of 6 years including 1 year of internship.


Medical Universities In India:


In India, there are approx 362 medical institutions that provide MBBS course. Most of the overseas medical students take admission in the top Indian medical universities such as AIIMS or Madras Medical University and the duration of MBBS in India is 5.5 years including a 1-year paid internship. The affiliation and recognition of MBBS course in India is done by the MCI and Government Authorities of India.


Cost Of MBBS Course


The cost of MBBS in India can start with as little as 5 Lakh Rupees in some of the best goverment universities and can easily pass the enormus 1 crore+ Rupees mark as the seats becomes hard to get in univrsities. Whereas, you can easily complete your full MBBS course in Russia with 25-30 Lakh Rupees.


Advantages Of Studying MBBS In Russia


  • The MBBS degree from Russian Medical Universities is recognized worldwide.
  • Medical Universities in Russia provide trainig for MCI screening test.
  • There is no need for any donation or capitation fees for studying MBBS in Russia.
  • Indian students also get hostels for accommodation with Indian food in all MCI approved Russian Medical Universities.
  • No requirement to give any entrance test to seek admission to MBBS in Russian Medical Universities.

Advantages Of Studying MBBS In India


  • MBBS in India is a well known degree in in the world.
  • Indian medical universities provide excellent clinical knowledge.
  • After completing MBBS in India, one can get a job in healthcare and pharmaceutical sector.
  • The students who have done MBBS in India can start practicing in India without qualifying any exam.
  • The students that qualify NEET exam with high scores can take admission in Indian Government medical colleges at very low cost.

Cost Of Living In Russia


Medical Universities in Russia offer student dormitories at affordable prices. Students can also choose lodges, inns, homestays, and more. The initial cost of an inn is around $30 to $100 per month, with offsite stays slightly higher at $150 to $400 per month.

Cost Of Living In India


India is quite affordable compared to many other countries. The cost of living in India is around 5000 to 15000 per month depending on where the student lives in India.


Which Country To Choose??


Russia is one of the preferred destinations among medical students to enroll in MBBS courses as it offers world-class facilities. Every year, about 10,000 international students enroll in medical faculties of medical universities in Russia and Russian medical college tuition is considerably more reasonable than private medical colleges in India also, the medium of coaching at Russian medical universities/colleges is currently English.


India is an important choice for students to study their MBBS course as MBBS in India has the highest ranked training and research programs but a student has to pass a NEET entrance exam for applying MBBS in India. A student pursuing his/her MBBS in India will get a NOC upon passing the entrance exam also completion of MBBS in India will be awarded by a Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery degree.


Summing Up


Now as we covered, compared and analyzed quite the details in both the countries to study MBBS courses, it will be the best option for students to carefully read the detailed comparision and decide according to their preferences and circumstances to either choose MBBS in Russia or MBBS in India to study their beloved MBBS course and achieve their goals of becoming great doctors!!


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