Bashkir State Medical University, Russia: A Detailed Review

Bashkir State Medical University, Russia: A Detailed Review


Brief Overview:


Founded in 1932, Bashkir State Medical University is a prestigious medical university of the Russian Federation and the medical and pharmaceutical center of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The university has more than 8,000 medical students, including more than 850 international students from 40 countries, 1,000 clinical and doctoral programs, and 7,000 postgraduate specialty training courses.

Bashkir State Medical University also offers secondary vocational education in the fields of nursing and prosthodontics. University’s students, residents and doctors can improve their practical skills at the United Center for Simulation-Based Training, equipped with state-of-the-art simulators. The Primary Certification Center for Physicians and Pharmacists has been operating at Bashkir State Medical University since 2016.




BSMU has a large scientific center that conducts basic and applied research. The Central Scientific Research Institute, the Cell Culture Research Institute, and the Experimental Surgery Research Institute are all part of the university’s scientific infrastructure. The scientific library of the Bashkir State Medical University contains about 5,27,000 items and is considered one of the largest medical libraries in Russia.

International students at Bashkir National Medical University have a great opportunity to learn with the help of certified trainers. Instructors select the best students for upcoming competitions, who ultimately undergo training under the supervision of trainers. Indian students laid the foundations of cricket. It is held regularly and the university also offers students the opportunity to participate in competitions.


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The City:


The Republic of Bashkortostan is a Russian republic located in Eastern Europe between the Volga River and the Ural Mountains. It has a population of 4 million people and an area of ​​143,600 square kilometers. It is Russia’s most populous republic.

Bashkortostan is home to a network of song and dance companies, national theaters, museums and libraries, and hosts numerous ethnic festivals each year. There are approximately 60 scientific institutions in the republic. Twelve institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 29 institutes of various industries, as well as numerous design bureaus, companies and universities carry out basic and applied scientific research. The climate is much more unpredictable than in central Europe, with long, cold winters and hot summers.


Ranking And Recognition Of Bashkir State Medical University:


Bashkir State Medical University is ranked 136th in Russia and 3538th in the world rankings. The University is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as by the Medical Council of India (MCI) in India, the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) in Malaysia, and many other countries. Bashkir Medical University has students from more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.


Hostels in Bashkir National Medical University:


Student hostel is an important part of any university. International and local students are accommodated in four dormitories of the Bashkir State Medical University. BSMU’s dormitories teach students to take care of themselves. It improves students’s intelligence, activity and discipline.

BSMU offers all students the opportunity to find ways to remain independent and responsible. It is very important for student’s character development.

By having students with different customs and hobbies under one roof, students can deepen their understanding of each other. Security guards check whether the rules and regulations of the hostel are properly followed. In addition, the Bashkir State Medical University has all the necessary facilities for physical training, including a gymnasium and fitness room.

This allows students to grow both mentally and physically during their stay. Each floor of the student dormitory has a kitchen where students can prepare their own meals. Markets and banks are within walking distance. The hostel’s rooms are equipped with mattresses, wardrobes, and other amenities. All student residences are within walking distance of the university and bus and tram stops are also nearby.


Why Do We Recommend Indian Students To Study At Bashkir State Medical University?


The main reasons why we recommend Indian students to study mbbs in russia at Bashkir State Medical University are as follows:


#1 Recognized by major medical associations:

BSMU courses are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Medical Council of India (MCI) India, GMC UK and many other countries. Therefore, studying medicine at Bashkir State Medical University will qualify you to work as a famous doctor all over the world.


#2 English intermediate teaching mode:

BSMU offers all medical programs in English. Therefore, Indian students do not have to worry about learning a new language. They can start their MBBS course from the beginning of the academic year without shifting their focus from medicine to the grammar of a completely unknown language.


#3 MCI approved:

This university is recognized by the Medical Council of India, so Indian students can easily take the MCI screening test and practice medicine as PAN India after returning to India. All you have to do is pass the MCI screening test. And the best thing about BSMU is that it has a high success rate for MCI screening tests.


#4 Easy admission procedure:

BSMU’s admission process is very simple and transparent and is done online. Students must complete the application and submit it along with the required educational documents. The approval process is also very quick and uncomplicated.


#5 Cheap education costs:

Being a government-funded university, the tuition fees of this university is very low compared to private medical colleges in India. In fact, this is the biggest reason why you should choose to study there, in addition to the world-class education.


#6 Excellent faculty:

BSMU’s teaching staff is highly qualified and experienced. Classes have a low student-teacher ratio. Moreover, all teachers and professors try their best to give careful guidance to students through lectures, quizzes, exams, laboratory and written papers, MCQ tests, etc.


#7 No hidden costs:

Bashkir State Medical University charges only tuition and accommodation fees, without any hidden costs of donations. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about spending extra money to secureMBBS seat in BSMU.


#8 Reasonable cost of living:

In addition, at the Bashkir State Medical University he has five dormitories, fully equipped with all equipment and with good ventilation. Internet access is available at all times, as well as facilities such as hot and cold water supply, hygienic toilets and bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen and television. The biggest feature is that accommodation, transportation, textbooks, health insurance, meals, etc. are provided at very reasonable prices.


#9 Advanced infrastructure and equipment:

The university campus is not only large and beautiful, but also well-furnished, well-equipped, well-ventilated, and equipped with the latest technology. The 24-hour WiFi facility is available not only for students but also for sports clubs, sports halls, rehearsal rooms, music rooms, auditoriums, laboratories, training halls, research centers and the famous library with over 7 million medical books. can. Students attend classes in theater-style classrooms and receive clinical training using the latest medical diagnostic and treatment equipment.


#10 Indian food availability:

Due to the large number of Indian students on campus, BSMU campus has an Indian canteen that serves delicious North Indian and South Indian cuisine to the students. So, if you study MBBS at BSMU, you will be able to eat the kind of food that you are used to eating.


#11 Coaching available for important exams:

The university also provides special coaching to students to pass the MCI screening exam, NMAT, PLAB, USMLE exams with very high pass rates, which makes students successful in the US and other parts of the world. You will be eligible to practice as a doctor.


#12 Safe area:

The atmosphere at BSMU is completely safe and healthy as students are constantly monitored by CCTV cameras and highly trained security personnel. Additionally, violence and harassment of any kind are strictly regulated to ensure maximum student safety.


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