Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia: A Detailed Review

Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia: A Detailed Review


About Tbilisi, Georgia:


Tbilisi State Medical University is located in Tbilisi, the largest city and capital of Georgia. Additionally, the cost of living in Georgia is moderate and relatively affordable for the average citizen. Tbilisi is a city that is a perfect blend of traditional and modern culture.

There are also urban restaurants and cafes in the city. On average, the climate in Tbilisi is warm in August, coldest in January, and somewhat humid in May. Therefore, we can say that the climate of Tbilisi is quite warm compared to neighboring countries with extreme conditions.

That is, the climate of Tbilisi is somewhat similar to the climatic conditions of India, and therefore Indian students will face little problem in adapting to their new location.

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Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia::

Tbilisi State Medical University Faculty of Medicine (TSMU) is a public university founded in 1918. The university has an unparalleled century of experience. The university considers healthcare service providers to be its core mission.

The university’s strength lies in its efforts to produce high-quality scholars full of knowledge and research. Tbilisi State Medical University is an autonomous institution and the largest medical university in Georgia. Currently, TSMU serves students not only from Georgia but also from various countries around the world.

In summary, 25% of the university’s student body is made up of international students. TSMU has over 2,800 international students from 80 countries. Tbilisi State Medical University offers an MBBS degree program with a total duration of six years.



In addition to the above features, this university is recognized by prominent governing bodies. For example, TSMU is recognized by NMC, WFME, WHO, ECFMG, FAIMER, and the Georgia Department of Education. In Georgia, Tbilisi State Medical University ranks 9th out of 35 medical universities in the national ranking.

However, in the world rankings of Tbilisi State Medical University, it ranks 7,562 out of 40,000 universities around the world.


Faculty introduction:


The faculty of the Tbilisi State Medical University consists of a strong team of clinical professors, invited professors, and emeritus professors. The academic and research staff are very experienced and knowledgeable.


Advantages of studying at Tbilisi State Medical University:


Tbilisi State Medical University is undoubtedly one of the best public universities in Georgia. Indian students looking for a good medical university in Georgia will choose Tbilisi State Medical University for the following reasons:



Above all, Tbilisi State Medical University is a prestigious public university with 104 years of experience.


Moreover, TSMU has successfully produced over 40,000 doctors and medical professionals.


TSMU is the largest active public medical university in all of Georgia.


TSMU offers an excellent education, not only in terms of quality of education but also in terms of experience.


The Doctor of Medicine program at Tbilisi State University is taught in English, making it ideal for Indian students.


Moreover, this university is very affordable as the tuition fee for MBBS degree is around 6 lacs per year.


On the other hand, the presence of Indian cuisine and Indian restaurants at Tbilisi State Medical University in Georgia is an added asset for Indian students.


Tbilisi’s climate conditions are warm, but more bearable than other European neighbors. Indian cuisine at Tbilisi State Medical University Faculty of Medicine Students at Tbilisi State Medical University have the opportunity to prepare their own meals.


The university has a shared kitchen on each floor, which is equipped with necessary equipment such as a stove, refrigerator, and microwave. However, students have to pay fees for these facilities at the university.


Deadline for admission to the Tbilisi State Medical University:


Students must pay attention to application deadlines so as not to miss out on applying to universities. You must begin the application process and submit your documents by the deadline. The timing of your application is very important for admission to Georgia universities.Generally, the best time to apply is from July 1st to September 30th.


Eligibility criteria for admission to Tbilisi State Medical University:

Admission requirements for Tbilisi National Medical University include 50% score in PCB and English subject in class XII. Applicants must be 17 years of age or older. You must also have obtained NEET qualification in the year you apply.

The university may conduct an interview to assess the applicant’s ability to speak and understand English, the first language. Indian students at Tbilisi State Medical University There are more than 100-200 students from India at Tbilisi State Medical University.

This is a very good option for those looking for MBBS qualification at a state medical university in Georgia, as many Indian students are already studying at Tbilisi State Medical University Faculty of Medicine. In other words, Georgia universities have been in high demand for decades due to their low tuition fees and Indian cuisine.


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