NMC Issues Guidelines For indian MBBS Students Studying In Abroad

NMC Issues Guidelines!!


In a major relief to Indian students who pursue MBBS in foreign universities and medical colleges, the National Medical Commission (NMC) stated that theory sessions could be attended via online. However, the clinical practises and practical sessions should be attended in person at the institute where the candidate studies.

The Commission ordered that the students should mandatorily attend the practical sessions and present certificates of the same. These have been included in the latest guidelines for the medical students who had sought admission after 18 November, 2021.


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Guidelines regarding the duration of the course, medium of instruction and subjects for MBBS courses from foreign universities:


The candidates must complete at least 54 months of undergraduate medical training. The course should be offered in English. The students are required to complete the theory, practical and clinical training, equivalent to the MBBS training in India. They have to compulsorily complete a 12-month internship at the hospital run by the same institute.


Is there a qualifying test for foreign graduates in India?


The candidates who complete MBBS from foreign universities and medical colleges should take the National Exit Test or equivalent qualifying test prescribed by the NMC.


Is it necessary to secure registration in the country where the candidates have studied?

The candidates should get the registration in the country where he/she had studied MBBS. Besides, they should acquire the licence to treat patients.


Can the candidate take the exam and attend internship in India after completing the course at a foreign university?


No. The internship and the exam should be completed at the same country where the medical qualification was awarded.


Is there a special internship in India for those who took MBBS degrees from foreign universities?


A foreign medical graduate should register at the respective state medical councils and do a mandatory additional internship of 12 months in India. They should strictly get temporary registration from the state council.


Is clinical posting and internship the same?


No. The clinical posting is part of the 54-month-long course. However, the candidates must do the internship after completing the MBBS course.


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