MBBS Abroad For Indian Students: Best Countries To Consider In 2023!

MBBS Abroad For Indian Students: Best Countries To Consider In 2023!


Around 10,000 aspiring Indian students go abroad to pursue MBBS each year, with the number jumping nearly 24% in 2018. Given that there are only about 60,000 locations in state universities across India, it makes sense that MBBS is seeing an increase in searches for the best countries.

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) is one of the most prestigious degrees in the world. It is pursued by aspiring physicians who want to practice in the allopathic field.

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Best Countries for MBBS for Indian students:


1. Georgia

Georgia is one of the most popular locations to pursue a career with MBBS. It is the preferred destination for all aspiring medical students. MBBS University in Georgia offers the best facilities for all medical students and allows those who fail tests in two languages ​​(IELTS + TOEFL).The country is very liberal in these cases. MBBS in Georgia is a platform that enables medical students to secure well-paying jobs at several world-class medical farms and hospitals around the world. Students who wish to study at MBBS in Georgia and have a 50% grade are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Among the 35 European Medical Universities, Georgia offers more than almost 15 Universities recommended by the three major medical institutions (WHO + UNESCO & NMC). MBBS from Georgia for Indian Students on CBSE and ICSE Boards is also available.


The duration of course is 5 years and MBBS Georgia also offers the opportunity for a 1 year internship. Fees for MBBS in Georgia are very affordable during this period and are cheaper than other international universities. MBBS admissions in Georgia offer many opportunities for aspiring medical students and help them build a bright future.


2. Vietnam

Vietnam has become a new study abroad destination. Students from around the world, including Nepal, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Africa, Mortias, Dubai, UK, Nigeria and India, head to a culturally and historically diverse country, Egypt. With its charming environment, Vietnam has a well-known institution. In addition to academic knowledge, studying in Vietnam offers the opportunity to learn about Middle Eastern culture, including politics, history and economics.


Vietnam also offers quality education at all levels, offering students multiple undergraduate choices. It not only has affordable fees and facilities, but also offers many scholarship programs for international students. Many countries including Nepal, Africa, etc. also send their students to Vietnam for scholarships. Would you like to study in Vietnam? Among many universities, Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy is he one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Vietnam city Can Tho. Vietnam’s cultural city!


3. Russia

Russia has been one of the top MBBS destinations in Russia for Indian students for over a decade. Ranked 8th in the world for the quality of medical education, Russia is home to thousands of Indian MBBS students who are now working as well-known and established doctors. Due to the warm and friendly relations between India and Russia, the Government of the Russian Federation subsidizes medical education for Indian students. The affordability of MBBS in Russia encourages many Indian medical students to pursue their dreams in the world’s largest country with her more than 25 world-class medical colleges worldwide.


Russia’s leading medical universities have world-class infrastructures that support quality medical education and comfortable accommodation for Indian students. There are now over 10,000 MBBS students of India in Russia pursuing their dream career of becoming a leading global doctor.


4. Kazakhstan

One of the major highlight is that Kazakhstan offers MBBS courses at fair and affordable prices suitable for students of all countries. Universities in Kazakhstan offer high-level clinical practicums to their students so that they can gain sufficient practical experience before starting their professional life. Medical college faculty are very experienced. There are also many affiliated hospitals. There are various institutions in recognized universities in Kazakhstan. Universities in Kazakhstan recognized by MCI include students from all over the world. With very low fees, Kazakhstan is always value for money as an MBBS course for Indian students


Kazakhstan’s universities are admired around the world for their quality teaching methodology. Clinical education in Kazakhstan is truly valuable as the country continues common standards in medical education. Kazakhstan Medical Universities are recognized by WHO, USMLE, IMED, GMC and NMC. It developed in the regional center of Central Asia. It is considered a highly valued medical degree at top medical universities in the world. While there are many places in the world for Indian students to study medicine, Kazakhstan offers diversity and offers great opportunities for Indian and international students in a different way. Getting a medical place in the best universities in Kazakhstan is easy compared to other countries.


5. Uzbekistan

An MBBS degree in Uzbekistan makes it an ideal choice for medical aspirants in India. Uzbekistan’s top medical college offers MBBS courses in English for 6 years at an affordable price. Education standards are the same as in developed countries such as the US, UK and Canada. Medical students with an MBBS degree in Uzbekistan are eligible to apply for the medical entrance exam to obtain a certificate to work anywhere in the world.


The duration of her MBBS in Uzbekistan is her 6 years, of which 5 years are theoretical and clinical rotations and 1 year is a compulsory internship. The MBBS five-year degree gives students the opportunity to learn through hands-on training and participate in clinical visits at university-affiliated hospitals to gain better experience in the medical field in order to become an excellent physician.


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