How To Choose Best Medical University For MBBS Abroad?

How To Choose Best Medical University


When it comes to pursuing a career in medicine, choosing the right medical university is crucial. The medical university you attend can have a major impact on your education, career opportunities, and overall success as a doctor. If you’re considering studying MBBS abroad, the decision becomes even more important as you’ll also be navigating a new country and culture.

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Key Points  To Remember While Choosing The Best Medical University For MBBS Abroad:


Recognition: This is the most important criteria that you must look for before taking admission in a  university. This means that the university must be NMC, WHO, UNESCO recognized and MCI approved and listed.

University Age: It’s the first and foremost important criteria while choosing a University. It is because the older the university, the better the education quality and the infrastructure becomes. So always look for the universities, which are at least 100 years old.

Ranking: Some people also look for the ranking of the university but that is not that of an important point but if you want, you can also go with the world ranking of a particular University.

Practice in India: Indian students, well majority of them, come back to India and practice medicine here. But before doing so, the licensing MCI examination needs to be passed. This is why, the university must be approved as well as listed by Medical Council of India.

Quality of education: Always check, the number of batches of Indian students studying MBBS in the particular medical University at present and how many batches have passed out. You can also check the MCI pass percentage of Indian Students and see if the consultant has MCI classes facility as well.

Medium of Instruction: This is an another IMPORTANT point.  What you study should always be in the language you are comfortable with. Therefore, you must always look for the university, which has the entire course in English. Like in Ukrainian medical universities, the entire course is in English medium. This factor is important because it becomes easier for you to understand the concepts and to learn your subject.

Duration of MBBS course:  Duration of the MBBS course is not actually a University thing but it is a country wise feature. Like in Ukraine and Russia the MBBS course is for 6 years with one year of internship included. Whereas, in countries like Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, the MBBS course is only for 5 years.

And that is how you can choose the best university for MBBS abroad!!


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