Is MBBS from Abroad Valid in India?

Is MBBS from Abroad Valid in India?

Is MBBS from Abroad Valid in India?

MBBS Abroad is as valid as pursuing MBBS in India. Over the years, many Indians choose to study medicine abroad because of various reasons. One of the main reasons is the availability of medical seats in Government Medical Colleges in India. This makes it harder for Indian students to get a seat for their medical studies in the country and compels them to choose to study medicine abroad.

Medical education abroad is considered one of the preferred options for Indian students. Apart from the affordable tuition fees, students get plenty of chances to explore and experience to become excellent doctors.

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Duration of MBBS Abroad

The duration for MBBS Abroad varies between countries. Some countries offer 5.5 or 6 years of medical education.

Benefits of Studying MBBS Abroad

Some of the major benefits of studying MBBS Abroad are:

Affordable Fee

MBBS Abroad fee starts from 15-25 lakhs. Indian students who wish to study medicine at an affordable cost choose medical universities Abroad. ( Top Medical Colleges in Abroad. )

World-class infrastructure

Universities Abroad are fully equipped with modern technology that is used for practical as well as classroom training. To ensure that the university is up-to-date in providing medical education to the students, modern infrastructure is being implemented to get along with the current demand of the medical field.

Global Recognition

Some of the medical universities abroad are recognized globally. They are also approved by the National Medical Commission, India. Therefore, after medical education from abroad, graduates can practice medicine in India after FMGE.

More MBBS seats

Medical Universities abroad provide more seats for medical education. Thus, more Indian students move abroad for their higher education.

Best Return on Investment

The MBBS abroad fee is comparatively lower than that of private medical universities in India. Graduates who completed their MBBS degree from abroad are allowed to practice medicine in the host country. This provides them the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge in handling patients at the hospital.

Top-class Medical Education

Top Medical Universities Abroad provide students with state-of-the-art medical education. At the universities, students get the chance to experience a wholesome experience in the medical field.

International Exposure

Studying medicine abroad provides huge benefits to students. They get to meet students from different countries, and learn about each other’s ethnicity and backgrounds. This helps the students get great international exposure while studying abroad.


Studying medicine abroad provides endless opportunities for students. Medical Universities that are highly recognized and also approved by the NMC, allow students to practice medicine in India and abroad without any hassle after their graduation. However, to be able to become an excellent medical practitioner, students must qualify the Medical Licensing Examination of the specific country.

Medical degree from abroad that is approved by the National Medical Commission is valid in India. So if you are planning to study Medicine abroad, ensure that you choose your university wisely as it is the pathway to your bright future. Choose the right University and ensure that it offers a medical degree in English medium. In that case, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier in a different country. However, it is advised to learn the local language for ease of communication and interaction during your clinical rotations and other purposes.


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