Advantages Of Studying MBBS In Vietnam In 2023

Advantages Of Studying MBBS In Vietnam In 2023:


The quality and affordability of medical education are the main attractions for students to study MBBS in Vietnam. Another major benefit is that it is easily accessible from India, just a 3-hour flight away which is a big plus point to medical students and their parents in terms of connectivity.

Vietnam is ranked 50th out of 163 countries in the World Peace Ranking and 9th among Asian countries. A higher standard of medical education system is in place in Vietnam, including human resource development and talent development.


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About Country Vietnam:


Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. It borders China to the north, Laos to the northwest, and Cambodia to the southwest. To the east, a long coastline stretches along the South China Sea.

Vietnam’s geography is diverse, with everything from the mountains and plateaus of the north to the lush rice fields and labyrinthine rivers of the Mekong Delta in the south.

The country is known for its stunning natural scenery, including Ha Long Bay, rice terraces, and beautiful beaches. Vietnamese culture is a mixture of indigenous traditions and influences from China, France, and other neighboring countries

It is famous for dishes such as pho (noodle soup) and spring rolls. Traditional art forms such as water puppetry and silk painting are also an integral part of the culture.


Advantages Of Studying MBBS In Vietnam For Indian Students:


Vietnam’s education level has improved significantly over the years, which is why Indian students travel to Vietnam to study their medical degrees. Vietnam attaches great importance to medical education and will not compromise on the quality of education for its citizens.


Perk #1:

MBBS course fees is very affordable and cheaper than private medical universities in India and other countries.


Perk #2:

The curriculum is specifically developed as per Indian standards with reference to Medical Council of India (MCI).


Perk #3:

The Duration of MBBS course in Vietnam is   5 years of course study + 1 year of paid internship as per Indian standards.


Perk #4:

Vietnam has high quality education at par with international standards and employment opportunities for MBBS graduates are very high.


Perk #5:

English is commonly spoken in all cities in Vietnam and it has affordable and convenient transportation options too.


Perk #6:

Vietnam has affordable housing for Indian medical students and permits part-time workers (20 hours per week).


Perk #7:

Indian faculty work in universities as well to deepen the understanding among medical students and Indian students also get North and South Indian cuisine.


Perk #8:

Vietnam also has Multi-speciality hospitals for clinical training of medical students and the standard of living is high.


Perk #9:

Vietnamese are quite Immigrant-friendly people and there is a strong presence of Indian diaspora.


Perk #10:

You will get a one-time multiple entry student visa with a validity period of 6.5 years, and educational loan facilities from Indian banks are also available.


Most Frequently Asked Questions About MBBS in Vietnam:


Q 1: Is Vietnam a good country for MBBS program?

Ans: In recent years, MBBS programs in Vietnam have become very popular due to the revised and modernized                    education system.


Q 2: How much do you need to pay to study in Vietnam?

Ans: The education fees for the MBBS program in Vietnam are extremely cost-effective. You don’t need to pay more              than 45 Lakhs for the whole 6 years course along with fooding and accomodation.


Q 3: How much are living expenses in Vietnam?

Ans: The living expenses in Vietnam are also affordable for students.


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